6 thoughts on “A Parting Shot: What to Say to Unsubscribers”

  1. Thanks Cyndie for your review of unsubscribe pages. Even we as professional marketeers do need to be reminded now and then. All your great advices is already added to my already long document of best practices.

  2. I am considering unsubscribing from most of the things I receive in my email. I have some that I subscribe to that has a constant barrage of pop up ads. This is very annoying. Several months ago I parted company with my then internet provider. Before leaving I asked about my average monthly usage. After switching to my new provider, I have gone through my entire allotment in a week. According to my current provider, the reason is probably all the pop up ads. I have pop up blockers on my computer and still have countless pop up ads. I don’t plan on paying these people to send me their ads. My browsing has not changed since changing providers. In fact, it may have lessened, primarily due to the pop ads. I would never spend money with these companies who send all the pop up ads. Even if it were something that I was interested, I would not do business with them due to the annoyance factor.

  3. I have recently been trying to change several email subscriptions, as my former division is closing and I am transferring emails to a personal account until I have a new corporate account. I have too few options to change email addresses, despite the fact that changes of jobs is common in Marketing and should be an easy fix. My typical option is to unsubscribe, then go to the website to re-subscribe under the new email, possibly requiring a complete re-entry of account information. Even changing the email address in the Account settings is often prohibited, because it is used as the account identifier. Having a preference center, with the option of changing address, is preferable. Also, many subscribers may be kept of there was a choice of a weekly option vs. a daily email. Offering only the “nuclear unsubscribe” is saying “I don’t care if you leave or not.”

  4. I have a link I have been trying to unsubscribe from for 3 months now. There is a link at the bottom of each email this person sends to me, and it says “unsubscribe” but it doesn’t work – yet all the other links in his emails do work. (He is selling products.) I have written him 3 times (with carbon copies to myself so he’ll know I’m keeping track of what I have sent to him and when) to tell him I need to unsubscribe from his emails, and that his unsubscribe links haven’t worked. I still get no response from him about unsubscribing, and I continue to get his emails. I was very disappointed in the first product I purchased, and don’t want to buy more from him.

    Do you have any other ideas I can use? I find dead “unsubscribe” links more and more in emails I receive, and you’re right. When I don’t hear back, I get irritated and will never order anything from him again, nor will I recommend him or his products.

    Thank you so much!

  5. I went through a binge of unsubscribing about two years ago. I was fed up with the sheer volume. Even if it was companies that I liked and continued to do business with, I simply didn’t want so much e-mail. There were very few survivors.

    In this process, I encountered many unsubscribe pages that asked for my reason, without offering drop-downs or check-boxes with options. But I discovered that an essay was not only not required, it was not permitted: The reason I could give was usually limited to roughly the same character count as a tweet.

    So I developed a pat answer that always fit. It was:

    I receive too much email in general so I’m unsubscribing from all online mailing lists. Feel free to keep in touch via US Mail. Best wishes!

    This fit everyone’s character limit and got my points across in a civil manner. And getting off of all those mailing lists really changed my life.

    P.S. I can’t believe you unsubscribed from Target Marketing right on their very own blog!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the interesting post, Cyndie!

  6. My main gripe is when they send another email saying my unsubscribe request has been successful. I want less mail, not more.
    The second gripe is when they say it may take up to 10 days to unsubscribe. C’mon. It took 1 second to make it on to the list. If I had any doubt about unsubscribing, the ten-day notice confirmed my decision.

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