Why Campaign Monitor Has Merged With Emma and Delivra

Campaign Monitor recently revealed that it is merging with email marketing software providers Emma and Delivra. What spurred this decision? What will the merger mean for email marketers? And why email marketing is evolving far beyond opens, clicks and conversions.

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2017 was a relatively quiet year for acquisitions and mergers. But it seems that the speed of change is ramping up this year as a brave new digital world begins to take shape. Microsoft has acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion, a decision which disappointed the developer community. Elsewhere, Adobe announced plans to acquire Magento Commerce for a cool $1.68 billion.

However, in matters much closer to home, the email marketing landscape is also about to evolve with Campaign Monitor revealing that it is merging with email marketing software providers Emma and Delivra. Essentially, Campaign Monitor is going to become the parent brand under an umbrella that encompasses both Emma and Delivra.

Rather than having three siloed platforms, the move will pave the way for a family of products and offer unique value by having all of the services under one roof. But, what will Campaign Monitor’s new suite of email marketing solutions look like? And what value will they offer marketers?

  • Campaign Monitor: This market-leading self-service brand focuses on delivering a better experience compared to freemium brands, with a primary focus on high volume email senders trying to drive more engagement with subscribers. With its easy to use marketing tool, marketers are able to send beautiful, targeted newsletters to grow their business.
  • Emma: Emma’s solution makes it easy for teams of all sizes to create and collaborate on beautiful campaigns. Its focus on delivering powerful personalization in an accessible way ultimately drives more conversions and sales. Emma also allows distributed business or franchised organizations to manage professional email marketing at scale.
  • Delivra: Delivra offers custom email marketing and automation solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every customer. Its service-centric model focuses on building more sophisticated, custom email solutions for businesses who have advanced email marketing needs but lack the resources to support it.

What’s Going on in the Email Industry? And What Spurred This Decision?

Campaign Monitor Chief Product Officer Cody Bender told me that one of the biggest motivations for the merger was that Insight Venture Partners back the three businesses. There was an epiphany of sorts that despite this, they were all competing for similar space in the market.

Rather than chasing the same part of the market, talking to the same customers and fighting over the same pieces of pie, could there be a more forward-thinking approach that could transform what they offer their customers? The end goal was to be better at serving email marketers by simply not fighting each other and working together to pick the spaces where all three of their products worked together as one enhanced solution.

How does the merger position the new entity among other tools?

The team at Campaign Monitor would probably admit that they are not in the same league as Adobe and Salesforce just yet. But there is a realization that they are flying higher than the MailChimp’s of the world comfortably in a mid-market position. The challenge for email marketers is to embrace and understand how they can leverage this comprehensive suite of tools across three SaaS platforms

What will the merger mean for email marketers?

In my conversation with Cody, he also advised that it’s about improving experiences for marketers and their results. But it’s also about enabling them to better at their craft. As email marketers grow in sophistication, their role is evolving far beyond opens, clicks, and conversions. The merger is aimed at helping marketers to start getting into the nuts and bolts of what’s going to drive improved results for their business.

Will other brands be joining this new family of platforms?

Cody admitted that he could easily see Campaign Monitor continuing to grow and hinted that the company would naturally look into picking particular market segments and aligning a product or a brand with them if it made sense.  There is a clear ambition to continue on the road ahead and to align the businesses with their diverse range of clients.

A joined-up approach will undoubtedly help their customers with their unique challenges and requirements. I would not be too surprised to see another addition to Campaign Monitors family in the future, but for the right reasons. As marketers are increasingly expected to deliver better results and experiences with less, it’s clear something has to change.

Will Campaign Monitor teaming up with EMMA and Delivra provide marketers with all the tools they need to drive engagement and revenue? Please share your thoughts on this latest merger by commenting below.

Author: Neil Hughes

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