Why Millennials Make Great Marketers

Forget whatever you think is wrong with Millennials. Here are some qualities, which I think get overlooked, that make them the best generation yet to be marketers.

2. Millennials Learn Digital Tools Fast
When I first came to NAPCO Media, there were weeks of training on the content management systems, and most of it was wasted time. But that was what we needed to onboard Gen X media workers to fancy digital content platforms (most of which are now defunct).

You gone learn today.Today we use WordPress for our website, and most Millennial candidates have already used that extensively for their own websites.

We use InCopy for magazine content, and although that is much more foreign than WordPress, it’s still not too steep a climb for someone who’s learned the changing interfaces of social media and apps all their lives.

What used to take one-on-one instruction for days now takes a sheet of instruction, a conversation and some ongoing check-ups to fine tune their work to our standards.

3. Millennials Want to be Challenged
One of the complaints I’ve heard about Millennials is that they’re impatient, and they want promotions and raises before they’ve earned them. This comes, in part, from not challenging them.

Computers and the Internet have impacted the generations in vastly different ways. The tech that was disruptive to Baby Boomers and cutting edge for Gen X is as common place as washing machines and telephones to Millennials. They’re used to being the ones who explain technology and online tools to their elders.Challenge AcceptedWhen it comes to digital marketing, that means this is essentially a gifted generation. They are going to think they know it better than their bosses. The best response to that is to let them try to prove it. You need to give them the chance to excel, and do special, satisfying things — and sometimes even fail.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have to do their share of the grunt work. But it might mean handing off a social media channel, or letting them pursue an idea you weren’t necessarily planning to pursue. Give Millennial workers that chance to do something special, without taking away core responsibilities, and see where it takes you.

If they succeed, the company benefits. If they don’t, at least they come out better understanding what it means to take ownership of something at work.

Takeaway: It’s About Unleashing, Not Controlling
There’s a great line in Dune (one of my favorite books) that amounts to this: If I command him to do it, I’ll have to command him to do it every time. If I show him why it needs to be done, I can count on him to do it on his own.

When it comes to Millennials in marketing, that goes double. If you micromanage them, many Millennials zone out, get passive, and then you need to make sure every task is done. But when they buy in to what you need to do and understand why, most have even more motivation and ambition than the generations that came before.

And when you can unleash them on their passion projects, or let them leverage the things they understand intrinsically as digital natives that your other employees don’t, then I think Millennials can move your company forward like no other generation on the team.

Author: Thorin McGee

Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.

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