This Will Never Happen to You

Car accidents, failed businesses or marriages, and lackluster marketing campaigns happen to “everyone but me.” Or so we like to think — or, rather, are programmed to think.

The following are steps to help customers “comfortably” move beyond those comfort zones into conversations of meaningful engagement about reality and what you can do to help it unfold positively.

1. Address the Fear: Perhaps more than ever, our society lives on the edge of fear. Fear of failure, fear of losing ground to competitors, fear of losing what we have and fear of change. So we kick into denial, which takes consumers out of the shopping process for many products we marketers are trying to sell.

Talking about the elephant in the room in a non-threatening way is critical to get people thinking and accepting the fact that they do indeed need to purchase survival kits, insurance products, extra warranty protection and many other products designed for the “what ifs” of life. This is what social media enables — content and dialogue about reality with no sales pressure, just some reality checks delivered in relevant, non-threatening ways.

2. Provide Hope: Hope and fear are often byproducts of each other. If we have fear, it’s because we have given up hope, and if we have hope, we have learned to let go of fear. What is the hope associated with your product? Politicians campaigning on hope have traditionally (this year excepted) done better than those campaigning on fear. We want to focus on positive outcomes, as mentioned earlier via the research Sharom conducted. Showing customers the hope you provide through the products and services you sell minimizes fear and the emotions that go with it — anxiety, anger and an inability to trust. If you help remove negative emotions, you become a trusted partner and that is the foundation for securing lifetime value for any brand.

3. Elevate the Solution: You are not the only provider of a solution that can minimize their fear associated with your product category. So instead of stopping at the promises of security and peace of mind, elevate the overall experience of aligning with your brand.

If you are in insurance, beyond offering a solid policy at a competitive price, offer advice. Host customers-only webinars on financial planning that elevate their feelings of security, stability and of course trust for you, their “advisor” vs. just their policy provider.

If your business is in weight loss, how can you tap into sublimation and give customers a substitute for rich, fatty foods that is far more meaningful and satisfying? Free yoga sessions with other successful dieters? Free shopping sprees? Imagine the loyalty when you can offer sustainable joy vs. just a temporary service or product.

Perhaps one of the greatest denial stages we need to overcome is the one we sit in daily behind our own screens. The “what if” I try something new? Will it fail? Will I lose my reputation, my job? How much time will I waste? The best way to help our customers move out of denial stages into open mindedness toward our products is to step out of our own denial stages that cause us to maintain the status quo or do what we have always done.

Take the ESP — emotional selling proposition — challenge and spend some time really learning what emotions drive your customers, what fears they suppress and what possibilities they deny. Create campaigns that build hope, minimize fear and help people take a step toward a reality that you can help them survive. Whoever in your business category learns to do this, will “undeniably” emerge as the market leader. And that could well be you!

Author: Jeanette McMurtry

Jeanette McMurtry is a psychology-based marketing expert providing strategy, campaign development, and sales and marketing training to brands in all industries on how to achieve psychological relevance for all aspects of a customer's experience. She is the author of the recently released edition of “Marketing for Dummies” (Fifth Edition, Wiley) and “Big Business Marketing for Small Business Budgets” (McGraw Hill). She is a popular and engaging keynote speaker and workshop instructor on marketing psychology worldwide. Her blog will share insights and tactics for engaging B2B and B2C purchasers' unconscious minds which drive 90 percent of our thoughts, attitudes and behavior, and provide actionable and affordable tips for upping sales and ROI through emotional selling propositions. Her blog will share insights and tactics for engaging consumers' unconscious minds, which drive 90 percent of our thoughts and purchasing attitudes and behavior. She'll explore how color, images and social influences like scarcity, peer pressure and even religion affect consumers' interest in engaging with your brand, your message and buying from you. Reach her at

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