Words Matter

It’s said that in life, words matter. Simple phrases and how we say them as we interact reveals much about our inner character. I recently listened to a message about how three phrases have the power to change emotion. And it dawned on me that these same phrases, all filled with goodness, have a place in the tone of our marketing messages.

Words in a sales letter, email, website, blog post, social media post or video have the potential to shift emotion in a positive way. The most effective words are simple. Once you understand and empathize with the feelings of your reader or prospective customer, you can shift the tone of your message in a positive way.

While these three phrases could be literally stated in your marketing message, it’s really the tone you should strive to send. So today I suggest you think about how you can put an encouraging tone on the emotion you want your message to convey, and consider how your headline, body copy, or story, can move your audience to a positive emotion.

  • “Thank you.” By themselves, the words can be a bit hollow. “Thank you for your business” is nice, but a sincere thank you that reveals the depth of your inner gratefulness can be much more impactful.
  • “I appreciate you.” Most of us like to be appreciated. Once again, the exact words you use don’t have to say “I appreciate you,” but rather, convey the appreciation of people as customers in your actions and with words.
  • “I love you.” You probably wouldn’t say this in your marketing messaging (although you’ve surely seen signs that say “We love our customers”). In this instance, think of it as affection for your customer or the pleasure you have in serving them.

The tone you convey using the emotion of these phrases does matter. Sincerely expressing these feelings can become a platform for building, retaining and strengthening long-term relationships with your customers.

Author: Gary Hennerberg

Reinventing Direct is for the direct marketer seeking guidance in the evolving world of online marketing. Gary Hennerberg is a mind code marketing strategist, based on the template from his new book, "Crack the Customer Mind Code." He is recognized as a leading direct marketing consultant and copywriter. He weaves in how to identify a unique selling proposition to position, or reposition, products and services using online and offline marketing approaches, and copywriting sales techniques. He is sought-after for his integration of direct mail, catalogs, email marketing, websites, content marketing, search marketing, retargeting and more. His identification of USPs and copywriting for clients has resulted in sales increases of 15 percent, 35 percent, and even as high as 60 percent. Today he integrates both online and offline media strategies, and proven copywriting techniques, to get clients results. Email him or follow Gary on LinkedIn. Co-authoring this blog is Perry Alexander of ACM Initiatives. Follow Perry on LinkedIn.

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