How to Write a Killer Marketing Resume

I don’t know about you, but I never had a class in college called Resume Writing 101. Consider this article your first class in that course. By the end, it will help you create a marketing resume that gets you interviews.

6. Early Career
It is recommended by career experts not to detail out experience older than 10-12 years. If you have positions dating back to the ‘80s, or even earlier, it could be a red flag to employers that think you’re too expensive, or worse, too old.

However, sometimes you have relevant experience that occurred earlier in your career. An early career section can help address this. Don’t feel obligated to put dates in this section.

In the killer resume, we addressed this in the “Additional Brand Building Capabilities” section. Instead of dates, we just put the number of years, and then selected the most important accomplishment to highlight.

ATS Tip: Unfortunately, the ATS doesn’t understand an early career section. So, when creating your online version of your resume, you’ll want to add back in the dates and just make it a continuation of your experience section.

7. Additional Information
For these sections that tend to come at the end of a resume, make sure you have more than one item listed in each. If you don’t, a good alternative is to group a few together like the sample did for “Affiliations & Volunteerism.”

ATS Tip: Don’t double up headings for your online version of your resume. This will confuse the ATS.

8. Education
Unless you are a new graduate, you always want to keep this section towards the end of your resume.

If you don’t have a degree, you can state something like completed 60 hours towards Bachelor of Arts degree at University of Illinois. This helps with keywords, especially if you are applying for a position that requires a degree.

So I hope I got you thinking about updating your resume and improving how you position yourself. Let me know in the comments how you’re doing.

Author: Michelle Robin

The toughest marketing challenge of all is marketing you, and the purpose of this blog is to help marketing superstars, like you, conquer that challenge and excel in your career.

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